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Did Obama Team Play us On Bishop Robinson?

During the inauguration kick off party at the Lincoln Memorial, openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson of the Diocese of NH gave the opening prayer.

The problem is it was not televised by HBO or NPR and there were 'technical difficulties' making it nearly impossible for the crowd of 500,000 to hear a word.

Demand to know why Bishop Robinson was part of the "pre-show" and therefore not taped.

More info and contact info at http://queersunited.blogspot.com/2009/01/did-obama-team-play-us-over-bishop.html

Nov. 19th, 2008

Giving Up on God

By Kathleen Parker
Tuesday, November 18, 2008; 6:37 PM

As Republicans sort out the reasons for their defeat, they likely will overlook or dismiss the gorilla in the pulpit.

Three little letters, great big problem: G-O-D.

I'm bathing in holy water as I type.

To be more specific, the evangelical, right-wing, oogedy-boogedy branch of the GOP is what ails the erstwhile conservative party and will continue to afflict and marginalize its constituents if reckoning doesn't soon cometh.

Simply put: Armband religion is killing the Republican Party. And, the truth -- as long as we're setting ourselves free -- is that if one were to eavesdrop on private conversations among the party intelligentsia, one would hear precisely that.

The choir has become absurdly off-key, and many Republicans know it.

But they need those votes!

So it has been for the Grand Old Party since the 1980s or so, as it has become increasingly beholden to an element that used to be relegated to wooden crates on street corners.

Short break as writer ties blindfold and smokes her last cigarette.

Which is to say, the GOP has surrendered its high ground to its lowest brows. In the process, the party has alienated its non-base constituents, including other people of faith (those who prefer a more private approach to worship), as well as secularists and conservative-leaning Democrats who otherwise might be tempted to cross the aisle.

Here's the deal, 'pubbies: Howard Dean was right.

It isn't that culture doesn't matter. It does. But preaching to the choir produces no converts. And shifting demographics suggest that the Republican Party -- and conservatism with it -- eventually will die out unless religion is returned to the privacy of one's heart where it belongs.

Religious conservatives become defensive at any suggestion that they've had something to do with the GOP's erosion. And, though the recent Democratic sweep can be attributed in large part to a referendum on Bush and the failing economy, three long-term trends identified by Emory University's Alan Abramowitz have been devastating to the Republican Party: increasing racial diversity, declining marriage rates and changes in religious beliefs.

Suffice it to say, the Republican Party is largely comprised of white, married Christians. Anyone watching the two conventions last summer can't have missed the stark differences: One party was brimming with energy, youth and diversity; the other felt like an annual Depends sales meeting.

With the exception of Miss Alaska, of course.

Even Sarah Palin has blamed Bush policies for the GOP loss. She's not entirely wrong, but she's also part of the problem. Her recent conjecture about whether to run for president in 2012 (does anyone really doubt she will?) speaks for itself:

"I'm like, okay, God, if there is an open door for me somewhere, this is what I always pray, I'm like, don't let me miss the open door. Show me where the open door is.... And if there is an open door in (20)12 or four years later, and if it's something that is going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I'll plow through that door."

Let's do pray that God shows Alaska's governor the door.

Meanwhile, it isn't necessary to evict the Creator from the public square, surrender Judeo-Christian values or diminish the value of faith in America. Belief in something greater than oneself has much to recommend it, including most of the world's architectural treasures, our universities and even our founding documents.

But, like it or not, we are a diverse nation, no longer predominantly white and Christian. The change Barack Obama promised has already occurred, which is why he won.

Among Jewish voters, 78 percent went for Obama. Sixty-six percent of under-30 voters did likewise. Forty-five percent of voters ages 18-29 are Democrats compared to just 26 percent Republican; in 2000, party affiliation was split almost evenly.

The young will get older, of course. Most eventually will marry, and some will become their parents. But nonwhites won't get whiter. And the nonreligious won't get religion through external conversion. It doesn't work that way.

Given those facts, the future of the GOP looks dim and dimmer if it stays the present course. Either the Republican Party needs a new base -- or the nation may need a new party.

Kathleen Parker's e-mail address is kparker@kparker.com.


Dear Republican Party

Dear Republican Party
Elisabeth Eaves 11.07.08, 12:00 AM ET
Dear Republican Party,
At some point, I want to vote for you, I really do. I believe in so much of what you say you stand for. You're the party of low taxes and small government, free markets and free people. Which I find very appealing. On balance, you've been the party more likely to support capitalism and free trade, the strongest vehicles we have for enriching not just Americans but the citizens of the world. Democrats, on the other hand, have been more likely to expand government and throw public money around as an all-purpose solution to every ill.
In short, I'm convinced that you have the better set of ideas on a broad range of issues. You had me at "low taxes." So why can't I bring myself to vote for you?

You Are The Party That Mocks Me

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Palin's Biggest Fans Call Her Stupid, Really Stupid

Posted Nov 6th 2008 12:00PM by TMZ Staff

It's been less than 48 hours since the election has ended, and the Sarah Palin bashing and blaming is already in full force -- and it's Fox News leading the charge?!

Basically, Fox News reporter Carl Cameron went on the air with Shepard Smith yesterday to reveal all sorts of incredibly damaging "off the record" juicy secrets about Palin -- like the fact she didn't know Africa was a continent. But It gets better ...

In the report, the woman who several Fox News personalities hailed as a person qualified to run the country is portrayed as someone who couldn't pass the 4th grade.

There's the bus -- and there's Sarah Palin being thrown under it.


(video link above)

Site link

Tensions between McCain and Palin camps come to light

McCain aides talk about the Republican vice presidential nominee's wardrobe controversy and other issues.
By Maeve Reston and Seema Mehta
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Nov. 6th, 2008

November 05, 2008

The List: Which presidential polls were most accurate?

The Pew Research Center and Rasmussen Reports were the most accurate in predicting the results of the 2008 election, according to a new analysis by Fordham University political scientist Costas Panagopoulos.

The Fordham analysis ranks 23 survey research organizations on their final, national pre-election polls, as reported on pollster.com.

On average, the polls slightly overestimated Obama's strength. The final polls showed the Democratic ahead by an average of 7.52 percentage points -- 1.37 percentage points above his current 6.15-point popular vote lead. Seventeen of the 23 surveys overstated Obama's final victory level, while four underestimated it. Only two -- Rasmussen and Pew -- were spot on.

Here is the list --

1T. Rasmussen (11/1-3)**
1T. Pew (10/29-11/1)**
3. YouGov/Polimetrix (10/18-11/1)
4. Harris Interactive (10/20-27)
5. GWU (Lake/Tarrance) (11/2-3)*

6T. Diageo/Hotline (10/31-11/2)*
6T. ARG (10/25-27)*
8T. CNN (10/30-11/1)
8T. Ipsos/McClatchy (10/30-11/1)
10. DailyKos.com (D)/Research 2000 (11/1-3)

11. AP/Yahoo/KN (10/17-27)
12. Democracy Corps (D) (10/30-11/2)
13. FOX (11/1-2)
14. Economist/YouGov (10/25-27)
15. IBD/TIPP (11/1-3)

16. NBC/WSJ (11/1-2)
17. ABC/Post (10/30-11/2)
18. Marist College (11/3)
19. CBS (10/31-11/2)
20. Gallup (10/31-11/2)

21. Reuters/ C-SPAN/ Zogby (10/31-11/3)
22. CBS/Times (10/25-29)
23. Newsweek (10/22-23)



Palin: 'Sorry If I lost Votes'

9:34pm UK, Wednesday November 05, 2008

Sarah Palin has said she is sorry if she lost Repubilcan votes in the US election, but insisted she wasn't to blame for John McCain's defeat. 

John McCain and Sarah Palin

A silent Sarah Palin takes to the stage alongside John McCain


The Alaska Governor has been a hugely divisive figure in the 2008 campaign.

As it came to a close her name drew boos at both the Republican event and the Obama party in Chicago.

"If I cost John McCain even one vote, I am sorry about that because John McCain, I believe, is the American hero," she said.

And Palin claimed she "cannot even imagine" herself running for president in four years time.

"When I say that, though, of course, coming on the heels of an outcome that I certainly didn't anticipate and had not hoped for."

US Elections

US Elections red chevron

All the latest news, video and pictures from the race to the
White House

Drawing much larger crowds than Mr McCain on the campaign trail, the 44-year-old mother-of-five has been a controversial figure.

She won over the party's Christian conservative base, a key voting bloc Mr McCain struggled to tame, and was hailed as a "breath of fresh air" for the Republicans, frequently drawing more than 10,000 people at rallies across the country.

What next for Palin?

But she was heavily criticised as a risky, inexperienced 'diva' who cost the Republicans the presidency, and her gaffes in TV interviews have become legendary.

In his gracious speech conceding the victory to Mr Obama, Mr McCain thanked Mrs Palin, calling the Alaskan governor "one of the best campaigners I have ever seen".

He dubbed her an 'impressive new voice' in the Republican party, saying:"We can all look forward with great interest to her future service to Alaska, the Republican party and our country.


Nov. 4th, 2008

Sarah Palin hurt the McCain campaign

As Sarah Palin waved her last goodbye off the Arizona stage as a vice-presidential nominee, the exit polls were showing she won an electoral battle but obviously lost the war.

As a long-term Pentecostal, Palin did the job of securing the white evangelical vote, which had been wavering for John McCain. Exit polls suggest the Republicans again won three out of four evangelical votes. That's worth about 40 million votes, if my math is correct. (my note:  huh?  where else would they have gone? To Obama?  BS)

But the National Election exit poll showed Palin alienated most other voters. More than 60 per cent of voters said they thought she was a negative in the Republican campaign. McCain took a long-shot risk with her and paid the price.


Last Poll

General Election: McCain vs. Obama

Polling Data

PollDateSampleMoEObama (D)McCain (R)Spread
RCP Average10/29 - 11/03----52.144.5Obama +7.6
Marist11/03 - 11/03804 LV4.05243Obama +9
Battleground (Lake)*11/02 - 11/03800 LV3.55247Obama +5
Battleground (Tarrance)*11/02 - 11/03800 LV3.55048Obama +2
Rasmussen Reports11/01 - 11/033000 LV2.05246Obama +6
Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby11/01 - 11/031201 LV2.95443Obama +11
IBD/TIPP11/01 - 11/03981 LV3.25244Obama +8
FOX News11/01 - 11/02971 LV3.05043Obama +7
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl11/01 - 11/021011 LV3.15143Obama +8
Gallup10/31 - 11/022472 LV2.05544Obama +11
Diageo/Hotline10/31 - 11/02887 LV3.35045Obama +5
CBS News10/31 - 11/02714 LV--5142Obama +9
ABC News/Wash Post10/30 - 11/022470 LV2.55344Obama +9
Ipsos/McClatchy10/30 - 11/02760 LV3.65346Obama +7
CNN/Opinion Research10/30 - 11/01714 LV3.55346Obama +7
Pew Research10/29 - 11/012587 LV2.05246Obama +6

See All General Election: McCain vs. Obama Polling Data